Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Year of Gifts

I am in awe of the greatness of our Lord & the gifts that he gave in 2011. I am immediately brought to tears by this sweet chubby baby sleeping in my arms. This little one that doctors said I would never conceive. This beautiful soul who arrived too soon. He was so frail & fragile. When I held him for the first time he was 3 lbs and barely breathing on his own.  He is our living, breathing miracle from a mighty God. My faith faltered many times during the 50 days that I sat by his hospital crib. I was sustained by daily Rosaries & the protective presence of The Blessed Mother. At my weakest moment she carried me to Christ. Thank you Lord for the gifts of the past year...

#74  my perfect, happy, chubby baby boy
#75  the protective, loving family always at my side
#76  friends that never disappoint
#77  health & healing
#78  our four miracles that I get to hold & hug everyday
#79  our two babies with Jesus & the hope that we will be together in heaven.
#80  Hope in a beautiful new year

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