Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Monday

My old ungrateful self use to always dread Mondays. Those heavy anxious feelings would start Sunday night while making lunches, filling water bottles and getting back packs ready. By Friday I would have grudgingly packed 20 turkey sandwiches. The tedious tasks of the weekly routine used to feel empty and lonely. I dreaded the after school juggle of homework, snacks, cooking dinner, activities, fighting children and crying baby. It was simply chaos that had me watching the clock.  I spent it wishing for time to move faster.

The chaos has not changed, but I have. Gratitude changes things. I can now see the grace in the mundane routine. A turkey sandwich is not a thing of great beauty or worldly significance. But a nourishing, healthy lunch packed with care is an act of love, a thing of God. Seeing God in the daily grind has changed my life. I could cry for the hours that I wasted, wishing time would fly by while waiting for Jason to return home from work. Hours wasted when I was blind to the all the joy. Now, I want to cherish every moment of loud chaos. I want to soak up the joy of the humdrum. I want to see the beauty of the turkey sandwich. Thank you, Lord for the everyday things....

#81 waking up to cooing
#82 stacks of fresh clean laundry waiting to be put away
#83 grocery shopping and meal planning
#84 leftovers
#85 the refrigerator covered with masterpieces
#86 baths & clean kids
#87 fresh sheets on the bed
#88 hot showers
#89 kissing baby feet
#90 fresh sweet fruit
#91 laughing

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