Thursday, January 5, 2012

Waking up to His Majesty

Today, I woke up to this...

I have always seen His the sky, the ocean, my children. But, since I started my 1,000 gifts journal, things look different. I even see the faces of my children in a new way. My soul is waking to Him.
I am so grateful for...

119. The sunrise.
120. This little one's face

121. My mom

122. Fresh calenders for a new year.
123. pretty journals
124. a girly cup & my favorite tea (and the lovely lady who gave them to me).
125. hot tea on a cold night
126. having a whole day at home today
127. St. Elizabeth- my Saint for the year 2012.
128. St. Joseph- our family Saint for the year 2012.
129. Children diving into our books to find their Saints for the year.
130. Buying a beautiful Lent book today.

131. quiet evening with husband
132. my camera
133. this little face with the softest smooth skin
134. the eyes of my little guy & his gaped teeth

135. her smile

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