Joy Dare- March

1. 3 gifts at 3pm- church bells, peace, quiet ride
2. 3 gifts green- homemade guacamole that the kids asked for, spring mix salad, Anna's fingers & hands after latest art/clay project
3. 3 gifts wore- my husbands's big warm fleece that I love to borrow, my mom's necklace, Alex's bracelet
4. 3 gifts hard to give thanks for- my friend passing & the pain of those who loved her, all the tears and heartache tonight, the unknown & how it will all work out. Hard, but I do thank Him because I trust in His plan for us.
5. 3 gifts found- answers, her feelings, comfort from parents
6. a gift bent- light reflections on thawed lake, a gift broken- feelings, a gift beautiful- her sweet soul
7. 3 gifts in the kitchen- pizza for dinner(thanks honey), clutter & piles and my new plan to deal with it, family
8. 3 gifts loud- crying baby, children in van after school, family prayer time-it's not always perfect and peaceful, but we are all together and gathered for God.
9. 3 gifts carved- time for planning, time for family, time for friends
10. 3 gifts in Christ- mercy, feeling that I might know His will for me right now, abundant love
11. 3 gifts read- Gospel of Mark with the kids this Lent, Kisses from Katie, The Well Trained Mind
12. A gift in wind, in water, in white- warmth, cleanliness, flower buds
13. 3 gifts round- John's purple ball that makes him laugh, pretty baskets for holding books, hot pancakes with syrup.
14. 3 gifts found in silence- God, prayers, answers
15. 3 gifts given away- clothes, goodies, friendship
16. 3 hard eucharisteos- Feeling doubt, discouragement and loneliness, praying through it and finding peace, encouragement and friendship.
17. a gift turned, folded, hung- pages in books, clean laundry, Our Lady of Guadalupe
18. 3 gifts red- clothes, apples, movies
19. 3 gifts eaten- yogurt & granola, hubby's steak on the grill last night, take out when I was so busy & exhausted.
20. 3 gifts that made you laugh- Baby aways doing his "business" for hubby when I'm gone, baby crawling, baby talking & squealing.
21. A gift salty, sweet, just- popcorn, milkduds, both mixed together.
22. 3 gifts found in his word- The Beatitudes & that the kids are actually memorizing them, His Passion, The Resurrection.
23. 3 gifts found in women today- faith, speaking up for the Truth, and wisdom of all my friends at the rally today.
24. 3 gifts spoken- His Word, prayer, encouragement.
25. a gift sung, written, painted- church hymns, a plan, pictures from the kids.
26. 3 gifts almost gone- grapefruits, clouds, cold morning
27. 3 gifts redeemed- me, you, mankind
28.  3 gifts entwined-children in my arms, branches on a budding tree, thoughts
29. 3 gifts of His Promise-everlasting love, salvation even when I mess up, the hope of eternal life
30. 3 gifts uncovered- the grill for hubby's yummy steak, courage and how it is begining to not feel foreign to me, the perfect gift.
31. A gift heard, held, hoped for- laughter, my babies, acceptance