Joy Dare- February

1. Gift found at  11:30am- Jeff Cavins lecture
                          2:30pm- being home
                          6:30pm- family dinner

2. 3 gifts overheard today
 - Amen                                          
 - I love God more than anything.                                             
 - We know the real meaning of Christmas.
3. 3 gifts found in writing    
 - Called to Life by Father Jaques Philippe
 - Divine Intimacy by Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen
 -The Transfiguration of Jesus, Matthew 17:1-8

4. 3 gifts found when bent down- Ryan, Anna & John (And 1 at eye level- Alex)

5. 3 gifts, one stitched, one hammered, one woven
- Clothes, that we have what we need & are able to give some away.
- Ryan’s “100 Days” cross. 100 nails hammered into a cross. Father-son project.
- Alex’s hair into a braid.

6. 3 gifts found outside
- warm & sunny day in February
-playing outside like it’s spring
- girls laughing

7. 3 gifts red
- St. Valentine countdown chains with bible verses. Thank you, Catholic Icing.
- Cranberry garland
- Anna’s hair

8. gift broken, gift fixed, gift thrifted
-imperfections & learning to accept them
-my way of seeing
-padded & reupholstered footstool

9. 3 gifts that were surprises- unexpected grace
- Mandy, who delivered soup & goodies to my front door, knowing my Anna was sick.
-a birthday card from Mandy tucked in with goodies.
-my mom driving & picking kids up from school all week.

10. 3 times I heard laughter today
-playing with baby
-kids watching Veggie Tales
-kids playing with matchbox cars

11. 3 gifts found in working
-everyone working together
-shiny clean floors
-Alex showing Ryan the right way to fold a towel

12. 3 hard eucharisteos
-Falling back into old habits & sin. Fear. Anxiety. Praying through it rather than trying to fight through it on my own.
-Frustration when not just one, but two toilets were clogged at the same time. Asking for forgiveness after raising my voice.
-That when I feel weak, my husband's strength & faith holds me together.

13. 3 gifts found behind a door today
-my baby awake & well
-that we have plenty of food in our pantry and fridge
-my mom driving with me

14. 3 ways you feel the love of God
-reading His Word
-the Sacraments
-love from family

15. a gift in losing something, in finding something, in making something
-forgiveness and yet another chance
-peace in my heart

16. 3 gifts in shadows
-warm quilts and cozy warm beds
- sleepy, peaceful children
- my favorite books stacked on the end table

17. 3 gifts found giving/serving
-content, happy bellies
-the smell of fresh laundry
- hearing "I love you"  or when I do something simple and ordinary for them

18. 3 gifts on paper
-Anna's drawing
-inspirational words

19. 3 gifts that were "plan B's"
-hubby bringing home dinner
-deciding to go out for the day
-Anna playing with friends

20. a gift at breakfast, lunch, dinner
-hot coffee
-baby's messy smiling face

21. 3 gifts white
-yummy coffee creamer
-warm thick socks
-clouds with sun streaming through

22. 3 gifts that changed today
-my little girls heart
-my heart
-our plans

23. a gift of tin- red tin buckets that contain my clutter
      a gift of glass- Blessed Mother statue
      a gift of wood- the desk where so many tiny works of art created

24. 3 gifts before 11am
-smiling baby
-waffles with warm maple syrup
-lunches packed

25. a gift nearly worn out, a gift new, a gift that made-do
-my cozy bed
-chore chart
-a little bit more sleep last night

26. 3 gifts seen as reflections
-lake thawing and reflecting the trees
-new thoughts on homeschooling
-God's word posted on mirrors to remind the kids who they are.

27. 3 ugly beautiful gifts
-my sick friend, ugly because she is sick, beautiful because of the miracle that happend several years ago, that I was able to know her & call her a friend, she is loved by so many, she gives to so many
-hurting, then learning & growing
-leftovers, didn't look good, but tasted so yummy.

28. 3 gifts from the past- that help you trust the future
-The Passion, Death & Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Chirst.

29. a gift dull, a gift shimmering, a gift cleaned
-finish on the cast iron candle sticks
-beaded bracelet
-my house