Sunday, January 8, 2012

He is Revealed

The Miracle of His Birth is still being celebrated in our home. The tree is still up & our lights are on. I'm not ready for the season of Christmas to end. But, that's the Grace of Christmas, it never ends. Jesus is born every day. Our family celebrated the Epiphany with some new traditions this year. A joyous closing to the season of Hope and Love. I love you, Jesus. I am grateful for all the Joy that You bring to our home.

146.  Mandy, for sharing Catholic Cuisine and one thousand gifts, with me. Our Epiphany King cake.

#147 Epiphany House Blessing

#148 ornaments

#149 Her yes.

#150 Holy Family

#151 winter beauty

#153 Children singing in the Christmas program
#154 Baking with kids

#155 sugar cookies

#156 Christmas morning joy

#157 wonder

#158 family games

#159 family traveling to spend Christmas together

#160 Christmas crafts

#161 cranberry garland and pine cones


  1. Great pictures! I really should have made a King's cake this year. Life just feels so crazy around here right now- lol! There's always next year. :-)

  2. Thanks Lacy. It's blogs like yours that are helping me to add more things to our celebrations. It makes it really fun & memorable for the kids. Thanks for all the great info you share. God Bless.

  3. These were really great pictures. God bless you all!