Saturday, April 14, 2012

Soaking up this Saturday

Just sitting here, this quiet and cloudy Saturday morning, reflecting on God's good love. The children are watching cartoons, I'm drinking a strong cup of coffee and my smiling sweet baby is sitting on the floor, contently playing in his book basket. He looks up and scans the faces of his family sitting around him and just smiles huge as he sees us all here with him. All that this little boy knows about the world and love is through us. This is how God wants us to know Him. All beauty, joy and love through Him and from Him. I haven't posted in weeks and my gratitude list is bulging this morning.

Thank you, Good Lord, for your perfect love...

Gifts # 530-552

A shopping day with my mom, how Goodwill and a cup of coffee make a perfect day when done with her.

Finally making our family gratitude journal & the kids being excited to fill it with 1000 blessings.

Ryan's school play, he remembered his lines, his song was funny & sweet, and he was so proud of himself.

Mandy, Marilyn, yummy scones and an insightful discussion of one thousand gifts.

Our little spring break getaway.

The joy and excitement on their faces while swimming, playing, splashing, sliding and floating.

That we could all laugh about our 2 hour dinner experience, that the kids were more patient than me.

The "good tired" that you feel after a long day of fun.

New shoes.

Relaxing mornings and no school rush.

Good Friday, His Passion, veneration of the cross, our 3 pm quiet hour of  family prayer.

Our Divine Mercy Chaplet & Novena and St. Faustina

Pressed Easter clothes.

Easter morning, He is Risen, singing Alleluia, the rising sun through stained glass at 630 am Easter morning Mass. Our brilliant and beautiful altar dressed in Easter lilies.

Baby's first Easter here with us at home, rather than in the NICU where he spent his very first Easter Sunday.

Our Easter egg hunt on the lush green lawn with the sun shining.

Dinner with family, celebrating my mom's birthday and dad's Easter bread.

Reassurance and encouragement when doubt rears it's ugly head.

Lunch with an inspiring group of Christian ladies.

Still learning to trust and persevere through prayer when self doubt and discouragement wage war within.

A whole day with my dear friend, who I never see enough, and who always makes me laugh.

This peaceful Saturday morning of relaxing with my family, enjoying time, reflecting on God's always perfect love and finally feeling inspired to write my gifts & blessings.

(March Joy Dare- Gifts #553-646)