Monday, January 23, 2012

200th Gift

"Creation is a gift, because mankind appears in it and, as the image of God, is capable of understanding the very sense of the gift in the call to existence out of nothingness" ~PJP II

Lord, Thank you for....

191. Creating me. And that I'm able to celebrate my birthday surrounded by those I love.
192. My dad & the group from our parish, marching for Life in Washington DC today.
193. For all those who choose, protect and celebrate life.
194. A well needed day of God, family & rest on Sunday. I am being more diligent about resting in God on Sundays. 
195. A lovely day with my littlest lady.
196. Prayers answered for protection of her heart.
197. Baby laughing when Anna & I played the blanket game with him.
198. Warm, furry boots.
199. Starting to feel gratitude & joy even during homework time.
200. Sleeping a little bit better.
201. Opening presents from the kids, it's so exciting for them. Their excitement is contagious.
202. My young lady's confidence and her new pursuit.
203. Gingerbread cookies and milk.
204. Two new books that arrived today.

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