Monday, February 27, 2012

New Life

"We must collect our powers, desires, and affections, which have been scattered 
and are lingering in the valley of the purely human; putting them all together,
we must make them converge on God, our one last end."
~ Father Gabriel, Divine Intimacy
I'm feeling new life this Monday morning. Monday mornings have a new face these days. This first Monday of Lent is especially fresh after a peaceful weekend of prayer and family time with the Lord.
I am gratefully welcoming this first full week of Lent. We are unplugging a little more, slowing down and clearing some clutter.

Lord, I'm grateful for the many blessings of this Lent season. Thank you for the grace to move away from world and closer to you.

Lenten Grace...

(Gifts #371- 382)

All the Grace found at the Foot of the Cross.

children's crowns of thorns

Lacy @ & all her wonderful project ideas.

My new chocolate colored chalkboard wall for prayer intentions & memory verses.

Our prayer table draped in purple

Anna's cross

His Mercy

snow turning to ice on the ugly-beautiful tree

beautiful, heavy snow

Snow on pine trees that line our backyard


  1. So many wonderful Lenten gifts. A peaceful weekend of prayer and family time sounds perfect. Beautiful photos! :)