Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Struggling to Listen

My rocking chair sits beside the fireplace. It’s an inviting place for prayer, at the foot of the Crucifix that hangs over the mantle. I've spent hours in prayer here as I nurse and rock my littlest one. I’ve praised Him. Thanked Him. I’ve asked of Him.

Today, I sit trying to listen. I’m struggling.
Listening…it’s the most neglected part of my prayer life. Why is it so hard for me to be silent and just listen to Him?

I’ve been wrestling, for some time now with the idea of homeschooling my children next fall. I keep praying for the heart to know God’s will. How can I discern when my heart will not open and simply listen?
I thought I knew what God wanted from me this Lent. Perhaps those were my plans. Maybe God is leading me in a different direction. It’s time to dig a little deeper in prayer.  My own attempts are weak and fruitless. I know I cannot will anything to be done. It’s all His powerful hand shaping my life.  I need to remember and trust that His plan also means in His time.
Grateful to a loving God for...
(gifts #383-389)
His plan, His time... and praying for the grace to quietly listen & patiently wait.
Hard eucharisteo... a friend who is dying. Grateful that she is surrounded with love and comforted by faith. Thankful for the time that I had with her & for the things that she taught me.

The friendship of Christian women who love and support.

Family rosary & all their thoughtful intentions.

Stress-free homework time last night.

Anna's second front tooth falling out, I love that toothless grin.

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