Friday, February 17, 2012

Amazing...Saving Grace

I’m feeling so abundantly loved.  His miraculous care overwhelms me. The gifts & graces just keep pouring into my life. Lord, thank you for loving me even when I'm filled with doubt.  Thank you for forgiving me…again.
(Gifts #343- 359)
Safe travel for hubby.
My prayers answered & miracles received.
My generous, self-less mom, who gives everything for her family.
New insight into children.
Progress in discerning home schooling decision for next year.
Divine Intimacy and Father Gabriel- another life changing book.
Book club meeting, time with friends & good conversation.
God's comfort during times of doubt & anxiety. He's always there!
Making it through the last two weeks only by His grace, love & protection.
The garage door being fixed.
Matchbox cars & plastic army guys... that he still loves them...the hope & prayer that he will always choose these over video games.
Anna's mismatched outfits. How she thinks any pattern matches as long as they both have pink on them. Not caring anymore & seeing the beauty of it through her eyes. I am so grateful that I was able to let go of this.
Hot turkey chili in a big, fat soup mug.
St. Valentines puppets, red velvet cake and chocolate.
Successful surgery for a relative.
Time with Alex at the Modesty fashion show/ Teresa Tomeo witness.

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  1. Always beautiful words and pics...thank you :)