Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Now That's Trust!

Feeling so incredibly grateful today for…well, everything. I just finished reading Kisses from Katie. Such a heartrending, amazing story of an affluent 18 year old girl who left her perfect suburban life for missionary work in Uganda. Katie finds abundant joy and love among the filth, disease and poverty of an African village. The world’s poorest of poor, and untouchable in the eyes of many, but Katie sees Jesus in their faces and God’s purpose for their lives. What amazing faith and trust in the Lord.

I will never look at the basic necessities of life the same…and I don’t want to. I take so much for granted in my abundant, very comfortable life. This book has given me so much to think about, pray about…

So grateful to God for what we consider the very basics of life…
A home that is sturdy, clean and comfortable.
Water… hot water, clean water
Healthy food
Healthy children
Medicine, doctors and hospitals, especially the ones who saved my dear son’s life
School and teachers
Books, paper, pencils and crayons
Beds & clean sheets
Stove & oven
Washer & dryer
Paved roads & reliable car
And for…
My daughter who is making faithful, healthy choices
Beautiful spring weather
Spending time outdoors in the sun
Walks with my baby
New books for me and Alex today
Katie and all the missionaries who serve God’s people and make our fallen world a better place… just one person at a time.

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  1. Hi Julie~Thank you for stopping by and leaving a kind blog post comment! You have a lovely place here and that book sounds fascinating. I think my own 18yo would love:) Wishing you peace on this last leg of Lent!