Thursday, December 15, 2011

When I feel like I failed...

I pray for His healing grace. Yesterday my day started with quiet calm. My plans were sailing along smoothly. I guess it's easy to find joy when life is calm & easy. But it's about thanksgiving when the waves of life toss your little boat off course. That's still my struggle. Yesterday, I responded to disappointment with frustration and anger. It happens less than it used to, but it still happens. I failed to embrace the disappointment and disorder of the day. Jesus asks us to take up our cross & offer it up to Him. When disappointment passed & life calmed I saw my sins. To be honest, I saw it in the moment but was too caught up in my emotions to stop...breathe...pray. So, I ask for forgiveness. I give thanks to God for His perfect mercy. Today, I begin again, embracing the simple & abundant gifts from a forgiving Father. I will move slower today, soaking up the beauty of the young faces & little hands that come to me. I will open my eyes to the beauty among the clutter. I will embrace disorder as my cross. My heart tries to shed the guilt of yesterday with hope for today. I give this day to Jesus & ask for healing arms to hold me steady. Thank you, Lord for....

#21...your Mercy.
#22...your Cross.
#23...fresh beginnings.
#24...Advent candles that have burned and dripped pink & purple.
#25...happy children & music.
#26...bare baby feet clapping on the hardwood. little redhead & her toothless innocent grin oldest son and mama's boy. I love that he still has endless hugs & kisses for me. strong, beautiful, generous daughter who is transforming into a young lady right before my eyes.
#30...the Sacraments.

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